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Safety notice - Precautionary recall

Given the recommendation received from the productive unit and in order to guarantee maximum safety of users, Tescoma S.p.A. has voluntarily proceeded to a precautionary recall of the following product:

Tescoma S.p.A. is fully available to recall from the market all whipped cream dispensers Delicia with plastic top, code 630540 and 630542, manufactured until 2015, for the following reason:
As a result of an excessive force applied when tightening the upper part in plastic to the aluminium body of the dispenser, or as a result of a deterioration of that component, mainly due to improper maintenance, a structural failure of the plastic top might occur once a disposable charger is applied to the dispenser, thus determining a risk for the user’s safety.

Tescoma SpA has never received any notifications with reference to accidents provoked by such hypothetical failure, still the company intends to recall the products from the market – once again as a precautionary measure – in order to avoid the risk of possible injuries.

We invite the customers who purchased the above-mentioned dispenser to suspend the use of the product and contact our Customer Service to know about its restitution and in order to have it replaced with a new one of the same typology, free from the above-described possible problems.

For any information, the Customer Service can be contacted by phone calling +39 030 7751394 (Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 6 pm) o by e-mail to servizio.clienti@tescoma.it

Clarifications of the precautionary recall (FAQ)

On Tuesday, 25 September we proceeded with a recall of the whipped cream dispenser delicia with plastic top; on this page we will answer the questions we received following the recall:

Lot of the product subject to recall
I can’t remember exactly when I bought my dispenser. How do I know if I have to return it?

Whipping cream dispensers subject to recall are those with WHITE plastic top (see the picture on top of the page). Unlike the previous case, namely if you own a dispenser with dark red metal top, you  need not return it.

I no longer have the original packaging, how do I know which is the model I purchased?
Even without the original packaging you can still find the product type: turn the metal body upside down and you will see the capacity, logo and range.

I purchased the product at a retailer’s, what am I to do?
Go to your retailer and return the dispenser and all its accessories; the retailer will accept the returned product even without a receipt and will replace it with a new one free of charge (with the same capacity of the old one).

The store where I bought the dispenser closed, what shall I do?
No problem, you can send an e-mail to servizio.clienti@tescoma.it with your contact details and the picture of your dispenser. Our staff will provide you with all the information you need in order to return it.

I should return the dispenser but some components are missing, what shall I do?
You can still return the product: even just the body and head are enough.