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The range of Tescoma brand products includes over 2,000 items. You can rely on the following characteristics with each of the products:
Original - Tescoma brand products are created in the Tescoma Design Centre and show the signs of truly original design. A number of products are our own invention. We have these products patented as worldwide patents. These include, for example, Mango Corer HANDY, Peeler with 2 Blades PRESTO, Poached Egg Maker FUSION, Moulds for Coffee Beans DELÍCIA and a number of others. Our developers, designers, technicians and quality inspectors check quality, perfect functionality and all the other criteria guaranteeing that our products will not only serve in an excellent manner, but also decorate the kitchen and give pleasure.
Excellent - The Tescoma brand kitchen utensils are made of top quality materials certified for use in both domestic and professional catering. We use traditional materials - high-grade stainless steel, thick-wall porcelain, resistant plastics, high-quality hardwoods and contemporary materials - heat-resistant silicone, transparent plastics, crystal, etc.
Multi-purpose - Tescoma brand products are designed for the widest possible range of applications. All the new lines of stainless steel Tescoma cookware are intended for use on all types of cookers – gas, electric, vitro-ceramic, halogen and induction cookers.
Multifunctional - The range of the Tescoma brand products offers multifunctional use. Thus, for example, the silicone drainer will do a great job as a heat-resistant pad for drying fruit in the oven. You will find a number of similar possibilities in our products.
Optimal - Tescoma brand products are supplied in all the commonly used sizes and in multiple colours. Continuous flow of new products: at least one hot new product is prepared for our customers every week.
We provide extra warranty periods for a majority of our products:
3 years - prolonged warranty period for all standard products
5 years - warranty period for products with a high utility value and luxury products
10 years - extraordinary warranty period for the most prestigious products