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  • A new company is incorporated in Zlín and registered in the Commercial Register under the name of Tescoma.
  • Water saving kitchen aerators are the first products marketed by the company. They were so popular in the Czech Republic in the early 1990s that, after a few months in business, Tescoma had clearly made a big step towards conquering the growing Czech market for kitchen utensils.
  • Tescoma opens the first foreign branch in Slovakia.
  • We launch the production of exclusive custom-made domestic kitchen utensils made and sold under the Tescoma brand.
  • We take part in the DOMO international fair of domestic and kitchen utensils in Brno and are awarded the 1st prize for the design of the exhibition stand.
  • We acquire, restore and put into operation the first independent seat of the company in the Dlouhá Street in Zlín.
  • Tescoma SpA in Italy becomes the first foreign branch in Western Europe . The tradition of Italian and Mediterranean cuisines significantly influences the range of Tescoma kitchen utensils.
  • From the original "association of entrepreneurs", Tescoma transforms itself into a "limited liability company".
  • We open an additional foreign branch in Poland.
  • We open a new, generously designed Warehousing and Sales Centre for Prague and Bohemia situated next to the D1 motorway in the outskirts of Prague.
  • Tescoma sponsors and co-creates the most successful cookery show in the history of Czech television broadcasting - Tescoma Prima Vařečka.
  • We open additional foreign branches in Russia and the Ukraine.
  • We establish and ceremonially open the Tescoma Design Centre in Zlín. Modern and filled with up-to-date technology, the Design Centre becomes a centre of the company's own development and original product design.
  • We open a new foreign branch in Spain.
  • We complete and put into operation the Tescoma WORLD Logistics Centre. It is a significant architectonic landmark that receives the Building of the Year of the Zlín Region award immediately after its opening.
  • We become the general sponsor of the FC Tescoma Zlín football team, which represents the town of Zlín and the Tescoma brand in the national premier league and in European club competitions.
  • We receive the international DESIGN PRESTIGE award for a significant and consistent use of design as a strategic tool of dynamic development of the company. It was awarded to Tescoma for consistent cultivation of design within its entire manufacturing program, which is a characteristic feature of the manufacturer's identity.
  • We receive the prestigious Excellent Product of the Year award in a national design competition.
  • We open an additional foreign branch in Portugal.
  • We open a modern test Laboratory for the Development and Quality Inspection of Kitchen Utensils.
  • We introduce a quality management system under ISO 9000:2001 and environmental management under ISO14001:2005.
  • We receive the ČIA (Czech Institute for Accreditation) accreditation for selected tests of product safety.
  • We open the company's Sports and Relaxation Centre for employees, relatives and business partners.
  • We receive the prestigious EXCELLENT DESIGN award in the national Excellent Product of the Year competition.
  • We celebrate the company's 15 th anniversary.
  • We participate in the CERTIFIED PRODUCT project organised by TŰV CZ. All Tescoma products now carry the internationally recognised TÜV quality mark.
  • Tescoma s.r.o. receives the CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE for the development, design and sale of name brand kitchen utensils.
  • We commence stage 2 of construction of the Tescoma WORLD Logistics Centre. We build a new storage hall, thereby extending storage capacity directly in the company's headquarters in Zlín to 30 thousand pallets.
  • We open the first flagship store in Slovakia.
  • We receive the prestigious RED DOT and  Design Plus 2010 awards for the ONLINE folding pad , two acknowledgements of quality and design.
  • We open the first flagship store in Milan, Italy.
  • We open the first flagship store in Madrid, Spain.
  • We open the first flagship store in Porto, Portugal.
  • We celebrate the company's 20 th anniversary.
  • We receive the prestigious RED DOT and Design Plus 2013 awards for the TEO tea maker with infusers , two acknowledgements of quality and design.
  • We open an additional foreign branch in China.