Share capital€ 500.000,00 fully paid up
Registered office:
Via Traversa Caduti del Lavoro, 3
25046 Cazzago San Martino (BS)  - Italy
VAT number 03471750178
Fiscal code Reg.Imp.BS n. 01873360984


Tescoma s.r.o. with its seat in Zlín maintains a stable leading position on the global market for the manufacture of kitchen utensils. We are a Czech company without foreign capital. Our business is concerned, in particular, with the development, research, design and the subsequent sale of name brand kitchen utensils. Our registered office is situated in Zlín, an industrial centre with a long entrepreneurial tradition that was developed from the first half of the 20th century by the world-famous footwear company Bata.

We have devoted ourselves to these original principles since our incorporation in 1992:
1. Offer a wide range of products of excellent quality for favourable prices
2. Apply and develop our own original designs of kitchen utensils
3. Promote the brand and the reputation of the Czech Republic abroad

Our range includes over 2,500 products for home cooking and professional catering, meal preparation, cooking, dining and presentation of meals. We are number one on the Czech and Slovak markets. We have several manufacturing centres, logistic and administrative centres abroad. Our products can be bought in more than 100 countries worldwide.
The long successful presence of our brand on the international markets is founded on the following:
• we carry out research and development
• we create original design
• we use materials of excellent quality and take care to ensure perfect manufacture of our products
• we offer an exceptionally wide and comprehensive range of kitchen utensils

logo_small.gif  is the registered trademark of Tescoma s.r.o., a manufacturer of kitchen utensils for home and professional catering.

The foundation stone was laid in 2001 for the company's new registered office, the Tescoma WORLD Logistics Centre, which became its global headquarters on completion in 2002.
This significant and exceptional landmark of the Zlín industrial park received the Building of the Year of the Zlín Region award immediately after completion.
We commenced construction of the 2 nd stage of the Tescoma WORLD Logistics Centre in 2008. The total storage capacity of the Zlín logistics centre exceeds 30 thousand palettes.

Tescoma has been offering its products in foreign markets since 1994. We have our regular foreign branches in the following countries:
Tescoma products are re-exported via the export headquarters in Italy and you can encounter them today in over 60 countries worldwide.