Casseroles with removable handle VARIO, set of 4

Code : 597914.00
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3-year warranty
Perfectly space-saving kitchen cookware suitable for the cooker and the oven. With removable handle, first-class non-stick coating, induction bottom suitable for all kinds of cookers and resistant surface treatment. The 3 casseroles can be inserted one into another in order to save space. The universal removable handle for all 3 casseroles is suitable also for the frying pan set VARIO, is stable and safe and has a two-step lock. It is easy to attach and release the handle. The casseroles are made of high-quality metal, the handle is made of resistant plastic and high-quality metal. The vessels are dishwasher safe; do not wash the handle in dishwasher. Removable handle VARIO (code 597918) is supplied also separately. 3-year warranty.